Sunday, January 15, 2017

Mann Fam Photos Fall 2016

I am in love! Seriously I LOVE family pictures. Every time we take them I am always a little scared we didn't get anything good. Then I wait impatiently in anticipation to see what magic Miranda has done this time. And y'all . . . this time she outdid herself. This. Right. Here.
Ok so that's probably my favorite picture ever. Like ever ever in the whole wide world. I bought a GIANT canvas of this one to put in the boys' playroom.

And guess what? We got so many more great shots too!
Lolo's face in this one is too precious. Remember RBF Lolo? Well he still exists but laughing, happy Lolo makes his appearance way more often.
 A little ring-around-the rosies. LOVE!
And an accidental picture of all 3. They were playing and just happened to line up just right. (Plus some Miranda magic I'm sure).
And this one is just perfect. It's going in a frame.
And a Daddy picture too. :)
She got lots of amazing individual shots too!

He insisted on wearing the hood for a while.
Silly boy!
And my favorite shot from the whole day!
And one with me and each of my boys! I love that Miranda gets these each time!
Thanks Miranda for exceeding all expectations again! I will cherish these forever! And I hope these kids get easier for you as they get older! I keep thinking next time will be easier and that's just not the case. Ha! But it's so worth it in to me!

Sunday, January 8, 2017

Happy 2017!

New Year New Me? Is that too cliche? Yeah probably. But I have high hopes for 2017. I really do. My resolutions this year are more general but they're also more lofty if that makes sense. This year I want to do more, be more, learn more, and just more all over. I have a new planner (yay! love it!) and I actually wrote down my resolutions. So here they are - in 2017 I want to:
  1. Exercise more - Running and Barre Class are my jams. I want to be consistent this year though and keep at it!
  2. Drink more water! Most of my water now comes from coffee. That totally counts right?!
  3. Go on dates with my husband. And maybe I'll actually plan one of these things. (Never happens. Not ever)
  4. Go to bed earlier. By 11-ish (failing tonight obviously)
  5. Get up earlier!
  6. Say yes more
  7. Stand up for me more
  8. Let other people do things (even the wrong way)
  9. Stay organized! With my new planner! So far on week 2 I'm on top of it!
The boys were pretty stoked about New Years too. Well not really. But they did like the hats.
Logan called this one the "snowman hat" Ha!
I was cracking up at him from the back. The hat is basically half his size. Ha!
And of course James didn't really like the hats. Because he's James.

So much new is happening this year with me. Just wait. I can't wait to share! You saw in my last post that I started using Young Living Essential Oils. Well my goal is to reduce the amount of chemicals I expose myself and my family to on a daily basis. Let's see how it goes! Can't hurt trying right?! So far I've cut out expensive face cream for myself and replaced it with an all natural face serum, I've cleaned without chemicals, AND started using an essential-oil based cream for the boys to boost immunity. They love it! But enough about that here. I started a new blog for my oils so if you want to know more go to my oils page! The link is on the side of this page if you want it! Or you can click on my link here to see how I'm using my oils so far! (
More exciting things coming soon! I can't wait to share!

But first, the Mann Olympics 2017 edition. Winner . . . me of course. I always win. Because I'm awesome like that. And just what is the Mann Olympics you might ask? Well, it's the Mann family New Years Eve game night. Brian started this tradition about 6 years ago when he surprised Addison and me on NYE by planning a stay-in party just for the 3 of us, with silly games to play until midnight. And you're in for a treat because I took pictures.

First I had to get my game face on.
The scoreboard. Because of course we keep score.
Addison was super excited. She thought this was going to be her year. She was wrong. But only lost by 1 point. So she put forth a valiant effort.
First game - rubber band slingshot knock the cans over game. Brian won this game. I think he practiced beforehand.
Next up - oven mitt Christmas gift game. And what was in the gift? Oh nothing. That's right. Brian and I had a miscommunication and we wrapped an empty box. You see, Brian is in charge of the NYE Mann Olympics. I suggested this particular game. It's the first game I've ever suggested. And I told him IF he decided to do it he needed to get a gift. Well he gave me the box and asked me to wrap it. I just assumed it had a surprise inside. Nope! The gift was getting the package opened. #worstgiftever
What's Brian doing with his hand in these giant pantyhose? Fishing money out of the bottom. Winner of that game . . . me. Because I'm smarter than Brian and Addison and I just turned those suckers upside down and shook the money out. Smart not hard.
And to continue with the Brian being wierd theme - what's Brian doing with that cucumber?!
And those pantyhose again?!
Ok so the pantyhose on the head . . . that was my favorite game. Pantyhose bowling. The object of the game . . . knock over bottles with the ball inside the pantyhose using only your head as a guide. Brian won that game. I may have video.

And the balloon people up top . . . another game. My balloon person is a lady. Which is extra funny because the game was balloon shaving. Shaving the beard of the balloon person without popping said balloon.
Addison just covered the whole thing in shaving cream (they didn't pop!)
And then good old fashioned War.
I mean good old-fashioned War with some Reddi-Whip as a punishment for losing wars.
And then Reddi-Whip scavenger hunts. I won this one too.
And finally this one.
Because eating chocolate donuts hanging from the ceiling fan is totally normal. Especially without using your hands.
 Brian took this one really seriously. He still lost. To me. Because I'm the champion.
And Lolo celebrated New Years Day by playing his harmonica. And by playing his harmonica I mean spitting all over and in his harmonica and then making ME play his harmonica.